Artisan Custom Switch Plates is an artistic specialty painting service company working under Roberta Ahrens Studios.

Roberta Ahrens, with her 30 years experience in fine finish applications, can transform your switch plates and outlets. From the ordinary every day white or vanilla basic plate, to an extraordinary finished touch in your new kitchen backsplash installation.  All types of decorative tile, spectacular granite slabs, beautiful subtle marble and stone, can be matched to blend in and vertually dissapear.  It's not just

switch plates that Roberta marbleizes, take a scroll down this page to see beautiful columns in the San Jose Fairmont Hotel, three stunning classic doric columns in a penthouse suite in San Francisco and more.

Roberta’s color expertise is unmatched in the Bay Area.

You’ll love the results!  

Now you see em’…now you don’t! 


Faux Marble Columns
Fairmont Hotel Marbleized Columns, Roberta Ahrens
Painted Switch Plates, Cobalt Granite
Cobalt Granite,  painted switch plates