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($20 discount if you bring a friend to create too!)

 Please register  NO LATER THAN November 1st

email: with questions... 

or leave me a message at the studio  707-753-1733


Who: Instructor Artist Roberta Ahrens

What:  Digital and/or Graphical Collage On Handmade Cracked Linen

Where:  Cavanaugh Center Art Room   426 8th St.  Petaluma, California  (corner of G & 8th)   

When:  Saturday, NOVEMBER  5TH  9:30 - 4:30pm

What you will learn...
Digital and/or Graphical Collage On Handmade Cracked Linen: Learn the steps for creating a one of a kind piece of art, journal or timeless treasure 
with handmade Cracked Linen. This is an exploration of imagery,  painting, sculpting and gilding with Cracked Linen plaster on fiber medium.


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