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R O B E R T A   A H R E N S


Roberta Ahrens’ career as a Fine Artist began 37 years ago when she arrived in San Francisco and immediately leaped into the world of creative decorative painting and finishing. She began her career with commissions for work in high-end, corporate locations such as the Westin St. Francis and Harry Denton’s and major design work South of Market at Club DV8.


In 2005, Roberta began to develop her unique style of Fine Art painting. She works on personally handmade cracked linen canvases, seeking universal themes of beauty, nature, and peace in and through the world.  Her life-long love of horticulture brought her to focus on botanical subjects, diving into what she calls the architecture of nature. Roberta paints primarily in acrylics and watercolors and then carves the pieces, etching lines into the plaster. Through these works, she seeks to call attention to the beauty inherent in the natural world.


Recently Roberta has become intrigued by the forms and structures that manifest themselves in bodies of water. Using her same cracked linen materials, her most recent work is an exploration of these forms and expresses a feeling of elemental power. The movement of nature, of creation pushing forward, is empowering in a way, and at a time, when such an expression of natural elemental power is both a personal and a cultural imperative.



I have always had an affinity for the shapes, forms and colors in nature. What I call nature’s architecture. I work with the beauty of nature’s structure, it’s balance, and how one shape or form plays against the other and the power of its color. One of the influences that fuel my desire to create is having the ability to bring this beauty, this vision, to almost any size canvas. There is a certain balance in the feeling of the piece that works. To me, in a world that seems to be devolving into ugliness and divisiveness there is a deep value in calling attention to the inherent beauty of the structure and balance of nature. Whether it comes from the heart of a flower in my garden or the force of a wave rolling in from across the Pacific, the rhythms of nature carry a power I seek to convey to the world through the work I produce in my studio. 

It’s a feeling that is immediate. It’s right now, bright, intense and happy. I am an art professional with background in mural painting and decorative finishes.


Curriculum Vitae 2021




2019  Poster series of 3 Published by Editions Ltd. Emeryville, California Addition of 7 new Botanical works + Water Series

2010 - 2012 Lead Artist, Event director and Gallery Curator, Artrageous Gallery Novato, California 

2009 - Poster series of 3 Published by Editions Ltd. Emeryville, California 

2000 - 2007 Owner / Partner Studio Replica Inc. Cast stone and Water features.

2006 to Current Principal/Founder Artisan Custom Switch Plates 

1985 to Current Roberta Ahrens Studios Distinctive Finishes / Murals & Fine Art 

1994 - 1999 Ahrens Studio Inc. Commercial Theme Interiors 

1993 to Current  Mother of 5 beautiful young adults and 3 beautiful granddaughters.


Solo Shows

2020-2021 50 Piece “The Architecture of Nature” Living Green Gallery San Francisco

2019 Pie Eyed Open Studio, Sebastopol, California 

2019 Spring Show Cheveux Salon, Sonoma, Ca

2019 Ice House Gallery, Petaluma, California

2019 Tea Room Café, Petaluma, California

2018  Fall -Winter Show Cheveux Salon, Sonoma, Ca  

2018  Spring Show Cheveux Salon, Sonoma, Ca 

2018 UCSF Women’s Health and Reproductive Institute 3 floor

2017  Fall -Winter Cheveux Salon, Sonoma, Ca  

2017  Spring Show Cheveux Salon, Sonoma, Ca  

2016 Pie Eyed Open Studio, Sebastopol, California 

2016 Sunflower Caffe and Wine Bar 421 N. First Street, Sonoma 

2014 Gail Van Dyke Gallery Marin Cancer Center Greenbrae, California 

2013 Sunflower Caffe and Wine Bar 421 N. First Street, Sonoma 

2010 Nova Bar & Restaurant San Francisco, California August-October 

2010 Beautiful Orchids, San Francisco California January to present 

2010 Aqus Cafe Petaluma, California March 2010 

2010 di Pietro Todd San Francisco, California June-September 

2009 Sunflower Caffe, “April Showers bring May Flowers” Sonoma, California 

2009 Dimensions Galleria, Petaluma, Ca. 2009 July - October (closed) 

2007 HRJ Capital Investment offices, Woodside California April- August 

2007 Aqus Cafe Petaluma, California, March 

2004 - 2006 Living Green, San Francisco, California 

2004 - 2006 Studio Replica Inc. Petaluma, California 

2004 50th Anniversary Art in the Park, Petaluma, California 

2004 Miyares Gallery Sonoma Academy, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts 

Santa Rosa, California 

2004 Institute for Health and Healing Library show 


Group Shows

2021 ‘The Magic of Water’  Cultural Center of Cape Cod, MA

2021 ‘Reflections 20/20’ Artists Council of Palm Springs  March -April 2

2021 ‘Patterns and Symmetry’ SFWA San Francisco, California

2019 SOCO Festival, Montgomery Village, Santa Rosa, California

2019  Pie Eyed Studio Finale Show, Sebastopol, California

2018 UCSF Women's Health and Reproductive Institute 3rd floor 
2018 Vacaville Museum Little Art Gallery Premier Artist. May 

2018 Whitney Contemporary Fine Art Gallery "Rise" Empower Change and Action! 

2018 Riverfront Gallery Winter exhibition Nov-Dec

2015-2017 Moca x2

2017 Renegade Fiber, Arc Gallery San Francisco

2016 Flora & Fauna, Arc Gallery San Francisco

2015 Anne & Mark’s, San Jose

2015 Glasshoff Sculpture Ranch Main Gallery Fall Show October 

2015 Glasshoff Sculpture Ranch Main Gallery Spring Show June 

2014 Ann & Mark’s Art Party San Jose, California 

2013 UCSF Women’s Health and Reproductive Institute 6th floor 

2012 Sunflower Caffe, Sonoma, California 

2011 UCSF Hepatology / Nephrology Clinic Group Show 4th floor 

2010 - 2013 Artrageous Art Gallery - Lead artist ongoing show / acting curator of all shows 

2010 Independent Petaluma Open Studios Member show? Dempsy’s Restaurant Petaluma, October 

2010 Ann & Mark’s Art Party San Jose, California 

2009 Dimensions Galleria, Petaluma Ca. 

2009 Independent Petaluma Open Studios Members Show, Picture Perfect, Petaluma, California 

2009 Petaluma Art Association Members Show Aqus Cafe Petaluma. California 

2006 Aurora Colors on Holiday, Petaluma, California 

2005 PAA Members Show, Aqus Cafe Petaluma, California 

2005 MoMa Gallery, San Francisco, California 

2005 Gumps San Francisco, California “Garden Party” 


Gallery Representation

2019- Current  The Paul Mahder Gallery _ Healdsburg, California

2015 to Current Living Green Showroom - San Francisco, California 

2011 - 2015 Blue Bird Gallery Laguna Beach, California 

2010 - 2012 Lead Artist Artrageous Gallery Novato, California 

2005 - 2010 Randolph & Hein Showroom - San Francisco, California 

2005 - 2010 Randolph & Hein Showroom - Los Angeles, California 


Commercial Installations

2015 Ivy Hotel Baltimore, Maryland 

2011 Nvidia Graphic Mural, Santa Clara, California 

2011 Burrito Taqueria Murals El Cerrito, California 

2009 Sunflower Caffe : Sunflower Mural Tapestries Sonoma, California 

  • 1999 Napa Valley Grill Murals: San Diego California: Spring Vineyard Mural 

Providence, Rhode Island: Fall Vineyard Mural 

  • 1997 California Cafe Restaurants Murals: 

Shambourg, Illinois 

Los Gatos, California 

  • 1994 Ferrari Carrano Winery, Healdsburg, California 




  • 1998 Claremont Country Club Claremont, California Botanical images applied throughout Lodge Entry, Faux marble restoration on all stone arches and Grand Fireplace in the Main Dining Room 

  • 1989 Macy's Union Square San Francisco, California 85' x 9' cubist / contemporary style mural of Women and Botanicals hand painted on 7 panels of Cracked Linen. 

  • 1990 Alexandra's & Victors Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, California Large scale Russian inspired mural and Large Scale folding Screen for San Francisco interior designer Joszi Meskan. 

  • 1987 Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California 4 26' tall Faux Marble columns Main Entry, Cafe' and Asian Restaurant. 




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