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It's Been Quite A Month!

The past ten days in Sonoma County have given us quite a wild ride, and while the fires are subsiding and most of us are getting things more or less back to normal it's important to remember, and be sensitive to, those folks for whom the last couple of weeks have literally been a nightmare.

Even before the fires, October had been a crazy whirlwind.

I started October with First Night Artwalk and a double show in Sonoma, just off the Sonoma Plaza at Cheveux Salon where I have an ongoing show through the end of the year (and maybe beyond).

At the same time I had a week long solo show at Alley Gallery just across the alley (literally!) from Cheveux Salon. It was a great week with old friends, new friends, and neighborly blasts from the past dropping by on and off throughout the week. I also got to unveil two new pieces that I’ve been working on for a while, and that I’m very excited about.

After that it was the two weeks of Sonoma County Art Trails and most of you know what that marathon of an art show is about. Again… it was a great time of introducing new work and making new connections.

One of my favorite experiences of Art Trails was the constant flow of art students from Casa Grande and Petaluma High School. They were really a delight to host in my studio both weekends and the questions they had for me were both open and personal and engaging with a depth of interaction with the work that was truly enjoyable and encouraging. At moments like this I am lifted up with heart and hope for the future. At the same time the students had a way, in both their questions and their attitude, of reminding me of that high school girl in Roseburg Oregon who regularly refused to leave the art room and couldn’t think of doing anything with her life different from what I am doing now.

A number of people (both students and adults) expressed interest in the possibility of doing classes with me and so I am weighing that right now and might even try that idea on in the next few weeks with a special Holiday Art class incorporating my Cracked Linen for artistic holiday presents like journals and gift boxes, etc. If that sounds like something that interests you, please drop me a note with 'WORKSHOPS' in the subject line at… I'll put you on my special classes info list and let you know more about those plans as I figure them out.

So… here we go! It’s a sprint through the holidays and on to the new year!

What will 2020 bring?

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