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Irises In The Garden And Masks Upon My Desk

Updated: May 3, 2020

It’s so weird! Spring has most definitely sprung, yet for most of us life still consists of sheltering in place.

A month ago (on April Fools Day to be precise) I decided to start making masks for family. That spread out to making them for friends, and then friends led to friends of friends and now I’ve made over 200 masks!

The other day the orders dropped off and I wasn’t feeling the crush I’d been feeling over the last few weeks, so I decided to take a break from sewing and go out into my garden and play in the dirt.

There are irises blooming in abundance… pink poppies popping up all over… there are

seven stands of calla lilies scattered in different locations throughout the yard… two bushes of climbing white roses on the back fence… and the grape vine I cut back in January is bursting with new green shoots in the middle of the patio. LIFE is everywhere as if making a grand positive statement about the reality of the universe even in the midst of pandemic.

When I returned from the garden I went straight into my studio, a place I haven’t been for the last several weeks because instead of painting, I’ve been sewing 12 hours a day.

I found a piece of chartreuse silk that my sister brought me the other day, I built a frame out of PVC pipe and I stretched silk inside the frame and began painting flowers. Light, spritely, bright colored blossoms in a crazy blend of color and light! When I hold the silk up in the sunlight the flowers glow and shimmer and dance.

It was a most fantastical adventure...

And it gave me a new idea!

I am taking these newly painted flowers and making them into a new custom fine art series of face masks.

These masks are constructed in the same way as my other masks and do the same job of protecting you and protecting others, and they come from my own original artwork. They will bring delight to the wearer, and to those the wearer protects.

And they are now for sale.

I am offering these one of a kind art masks for $72 each and with each purchase I am giving a face mask to Petaluma People Servies for use by the drivers who are delivering Meals on Wheels.

Why not drop by the web page and pick one up?

Like the flowers in my garden that inspired them, these masks will beautify your life (since it’s looking like we’re going to be wearing masks for a while) while also helping to protect others with a facemask for frontline volunteers.

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