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The new normal is looking a lot like the old normal...

... with certain obvious adjustments.

I’m an artist.

My studio is part of my home. My office is here too, and in the last two months, when I’ve been working on masks, my sewing room is here as well.

Sheltering in place has not really affected the way I live that much, except for the fact that I don’t go out to meet friends for lunch, I don’t go out to meet with new clients, I don’t go up to Healdsburg to meet with my gallerist, and my cat is annoyed that I rarely leave the house.

This afternoon I’m working on sample boards for a faux finishing job I have next week. Yesterday I worked on some new pieces in my Pompeian Angels series. Every day the garden that inspires everything I do is screaming for attention as spring has fully sprung in my backyard despite the outside ravages of Covid-19.

My daughter Haley is graduating “virtually” from Cal State Sacramento this weekend, and we’ve been planning some attempt at a socially distanced celebration to honor her.

I still watch the news and scream at the television.

I finally got around to binge-watching Game of Thrones just in time to get all the “Winter is Coming” references about our current situation.

Sunflower Caffe in Sonoma, where my custom tapestries of giant sunflowers hang behind the front counter, just reopened for scrumptious take out orders and to go Mimosas. They’re even offering some smaller custom sunflower tapestries and several paintings of mine for sale if you want to pick up food for your family and art for your spirit.

And I’m still plugging away on developing the online course I’m going to introduce in the coming weeks. It’s taking me longer than I hoped to get it done, but that seems to be the nature of everything right now.

Despite the strange circumstances, there’s a lot going on as these days and weeks go by.

We're going to make it through this together… SUMMER IS COMING!

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